Pay pal complaints

pay pal complaints

Are you considering PayPal credit card processing or accepting PayPal payments from customers? Find out what you need to know in our unbiased PayPal. Read reviews and complaints about PayPal, including account features and services, payment security, business solutions, mobile retailers and more. Find out why you should avoid paypal and use an alternative. Exposing problems behind the PayPal payment system. Frozen accounts, scams, news reports.

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This mostly affects PayPal customers, not merchants, and it appears to be an isolated incident. We turned all the proper paperwork in state license, non-profit status from the IRS As I mentioned earlier, I have decided to invest my time in developing my brand new relationship with Payoneer, as sadly PayPal and I no longer have drinkies at my local pub. Also you can pay friends and family for FREE with your paypal account. Without action, you have no chance of getting your money back. PayPal protection is bullshit. I checked again and called them again and they said the same thing again. PayPal Contact Information United Kingdom. Ask you questions like you have done something wrong. I will try to be as brief as possible. We are a small business and have provided it to the best of our ability and its not enough. At every step, PayPal sided with the seller, and asserted that providing a tracking number constituted "delivery" of the product I ordered! The product does not fit for the purpose. Paypal was absolutely no help at all. What is more outrageous is this - when I called Paypal, they said that I should have known about the 21 days waiting period, when listing the item ebay emphasises it 5 times!!! I hope I run into it. The only time it's immediate is if u have THIER debit card, and there is a 2wk, to a month to wait to get that. It did not go well because as I was giving the paypal reps alot to think about in an online message, which would document as much as I could in writing, I tried to send the message and then got an error. I used the same packaging they sent their product in and sent back to the address they sent to me from which is California. They screwed me twice. My name is Hugh Talty, I have a company called UGoMobility. They have stated they were shipping charges, but this is incorrect and a blatant lie. However, We need your help To FIGHT AGAINST PAYPAL AND EBAY Recent Complaints. It alf video me just writing about it.

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Why I Hate Paypal This Week & Why You Shouldn't Trust Them Either pay pal complaints Been a customer for probably 20 years. PayPal has limited my account and froze my money for days for no reason. Regardless of which plan you are on Standard or Pro , your transactions fees will be as follows:. I had 2 issues. I purchased a professionally graded coin from an Ebay seller and paid for it with Paypal under the assumption that I was protected if the coin was not as advertised and listed. It can't be neither! I'm sure it's stuffed FULL of hidden fees and all kinds of things.

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I buy several items on Ebay as a result it gets charged on Ebay. And its pricing structure is absolutely competitive with other pay-as-you-go and payment aggregating services. But this is disgusting. Luckily, in my past career I worked with banks so I can confirm this is true. Was helped to create a link, sent to all of my clients and the redemption codes don't work. Lesson here is if you really want to be protected don't use money in your paypal account- use a real credit card. Is PayPal suffering from divorce stress syndrome with eBay?

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