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better joker

It can be truly said that I have a bat in my belfry. This is very hard to choose. Heath was a perfect Joker in one way and Jack was perfect in another. However, I'm. There's a good reason that many refer to the Joker as the perfect villain. Colorful, psychotic, layered, wacky and doggedly persistent, the. Heath Ledger's performance as Joker in "The Dark Knight" is a The Darkfrost letto never wanted to be. Comic Vine Forums Joker results 1 2 3 Browse Boards Gen. Sadly, he came after so many had already done just that, toning this version down from maniacal to a downright mellow baritone. The way he talks and pronounces words in the dark knight. Thank you Ledger was the best and can never be outdone. Just seeing Batman and the Joker together in big-budget made it clear that they were perfect enemies and helped to bring the characters to a far wider audience. When he gets dark and angry, it's a transformation within a transformation. Order by newest oldest recommendations. August 7, at 8: He was one of the reasons The Dark Knight is the best CBM out these years. He recognizes that evil isn't inherently bad, but that it is the complete disregard for moral good, or what society has told people is good. He was definitely closer to the comics. Why the New CBS Thriller Made Sure to Include… Subscribe to Variety Today! A rough estimate would be that he appears in it for 8 minutes? I was a jack as joker fan since forever but seeing ledgers performance video poker app me thought. As a side note, the sequel includes Dick Grayson returning as a super-powered second Joker, driven mad by gene therapy and plot twists. He really is that good. As Alfred succinctly puts it, this is someone who just wants to watch the world burn. better joker So, who played it better? What reboot are you talking. Eirolotto way the Joker was wrote for the 89 movie was very similar to how he was in ccc casino simmering comics, but once the move came out DC started adapting him to the movie character. Outside of the original comic books, Romero really invented the template — the maniacal cackle, the blissed-out revenge — because, of course, he got there. August 8, at 4: Each Joker is stunningly appropriate for the style and theme of each respective movie.

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Heath Ledger vs. Jack Nicholson as The Joker He was a criminal before he became Joker. You can only set your username once. The reason mostly is because Nicholson is a great actor. Did you watch the Teen Choice Awards this year? Also, Nicholson's joker just doesn't seem realistic. Please Log In to post.

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